Media relations

At Foundation PR, we ensure that we get our clients’ message across to the right journalists, at the right time. We know and understand how the press work, who the right contact is, and when to contact them, so we can give our clients the best chance of press coverage. We know the journalists and they know us, often coming to us for comment first because we deliver what they need. We also have access to an extensive database of thousands of journalists across every sector of the press and we receive literally hundreds of emails every month from journalists looking for comment and case studies for their stories. This means our clients get the column inches!

Media Relations

Press releases / press comments

We work with our clients to write and issue timely, interesting and newsworthy press releases and case studies. Journalists are not interested in ‘PR fluff’ and as such, we ensure that every press release or press comment we write is enticing, informative and provocative. It sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how much rubbish is put out there which the journalists simply ignore (so they tell us)!


Press events

Whether you want an intimate press briefing or a full scale event, Foundation PR has experience of organising all kinds of press events – from an exclusive media briefing in a conference room to an all singing, all dancing event with bands, magician and helicopter rides. We will work with you to advise you on the best options for your business.

Press Events

Community relations

In most cases, community relations should be intrinsic to a communications plan, whether that’s arranging an exhibition to advise the local community of proposed development plans, writing a newsletter to inform local residents of progress updates on site work (in the case of a property developer) or sponsoring a local charity or event – we advise our clients on how to engage the local community.

Community Relations

Press trips

Foundation PR has worked with a number of overseas developers and has arranged press trips to several European destinations. We can organise and arrange press trips; ensuring journalists get the best out of their visit.

Press Trips